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Rockhopper is here! Woo hoo! Oh yeah! Alright! Booyah! He brought the BEST stuff ever! The free item is a fishing pole, and the other items are: a treasure chest for your igloo, a treasure map background, and…wait for it…A PINK VIKING HELMET!!!!!!!!!


And on Tuesday, Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek of the new misson! Go to to see it. If you are an agent, go to the HQ and you will see a message on the board that says “Avalanche Alert”

Well, thats all for now I think.


News Flash!

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 The Water Party has been extended! Yes! That means another free item! There are Blue Water Wings in the Plaza.


And the new igloo upgrade and igloo furniture catalogs are out. The new furniture items are: Clam Shell, Pink Plastic Castle, Seaweed, Inflatable Chair and Inflatable Sofa. The new igloo is a FISHBOWL!

Club Penguin says that there is a “Life In A Fishbowl” Igloo Contest and the prize is the usual: 10,000 coins! I totally furnished my igloo – oh wait, it’s a fishbowl now! It was sad to let my Candy Split Level igloo go, but I will buy it back.


And there is a pin in the Pizza Parlour shaped like a cart.


The Penguin Times says that there are new tracks and tricks to be discovered. The repair penguins said, “We had to make some adjustments to the track. Some areas were hit hard by the flood.” Another penguin said, “I hit a piece of broken track and started running with the cart over my head. We thought it looked hilarious.”

So have fun penguins!

I didn’t know!

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Here’s something I didn’t know. My friend Pranca (who I know in real life) said that instead of just clicking on the chat screen to see the past four speech bubbles, you can drag it all the way down to the bottom! Now my new catch phrase is “I didn’t know” and I enjoy annoying Pranca by saying that now. 🙂

Here’s before I knew:


And after I knew:


Did you know?

Hidden Rooms

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Have you seen the hidden rooms during the Water Party? They are cool! The Dojo has an elephant fountain and you can stand on it. I wish we could keep the elephant. He looks so  cute!


And the Iceberg has an inflatable whale. I saw some penguins try to pop it and I joined in. So far we’ve had no luck.


 The Mine Shack has a giant bucket. When it is full the bucket tips over.


Water Party!

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Well it’s Friday the 13th but there’s no bad luck today. Today is Club Penguin’s first ever WATER PARTY! There is a free item in the Coffee Shop. It’s sort of like an umbrella hat.


The Pool and Mine are closed now. The manhole is blocked off and there are sacks in the doorway of the Boiler Room. The Mine Shack is boarded up too. Oh well. There is still lots to enjoy! Check out the Snow Forts!


Instead of throwing snowballs, we can throw water bombs! And in the Ice Rink, which as you can see by the sign is now a Water Rink, is sort of Water Volleyball except you have to walk over the ball. So I guess you could say it is Water Soccer.


I’ll post later if there are any more updates!

Mining Hats!!!

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 I nearly forgot there’s free mining hats in the mine!


Available to non members as well as members! Non member penguins can get a member item! And if you want one, you better get one RIGHT NOW because the Pool and the Mine (including Cart Surfer) will be closed next weekend. They will probably get rid of the hats too. Why? Because next weekend they are repairing the window that the crab broke and is expected to be mended when the Water Party ends. (That is next weekend too.) The Boiler Room will still be open though.

Anyway, now thanks to a crab frightened by the storm, the glass is cracked and the pool is flooded!


 Apparantly the crab was frightened by chunks of ice being blown into the sea by the storm that he cracked the glass to get away. But as you can see, he look like he’s smiling and knocking on the glass. He looks quite surprised to see the glass crack and he scuttled away.


And look at all the damage that crab caused! The Pool and Mine are flooded! Club Penguin says that there will be a lot of hoses and buckets involoved. At the blog site it has a picture of a slide in the Ice Rink and in the paper it says, “Forget Ice Hockey. Trade a puck for a ball and play in the pool.” I think they are filling the Ice Rink with water and doing something like volleyball in the water.

Dance dance dance!

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Crazy Dance


1) Put on dance items, e.g. coffee apron, lei, maracas, hard hat, face paint.

2) Close player card

3) Open your player card up again and take all but one item off (it won’t work if you take everything off)

4) Keep your player card open and dance.

5) You should be doing the crazy dance!

Note: This works with all dance items.

Note: If you close your player card it won’t work.

I Surrender!


This is fairly easy.

1) Open up your player card.

2) Put on either your tour guide hat or face paint.

3) Still keep your player card up and wave.

4) You should be sticking both flippers up in the air.

Note: If you close your player card it won’t work.

Clothing Catalog July 2007

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New Items: Firefighter Helmet, Firefighter Jacket, Pink Rollerskates, Blue Rollerskates, Bike Helmet, Brown Sandals, and the new backgrounds-Jigsaw, Water Balloons and Splash.

Items Brought Back: Sombrero, Island Background.

Hidden Items: Click on Diver’s Helmet to get the Red Viking Helmet and open and close four times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.


Also click on the Drumsticks to get the Swim Goggles.



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Pizza Apron + Chef’s hat = Throw pizza dough

Coffee Apron = Pour Coffee

Ice Cream Apron = Scoop ice-cream

Lifeguard Whistle = Blow whistle (makes noise)

Clown Suit + Clown Wig + Clown Shoes = Juggle

Drum + Drumsticks = Play drums

Violin = Play violin

Electric or Acoustic Guitar = Play guitar

Maracas = Shake maracas

Tuba = Play tuba

Lasso = Twirl lasso

Black Cowboy Hat + Matador Outfit = Wave red cape

Duck Floatie and/or Water Wings = Swim

Lei and/or Hula Skirt = Hula dance

Face Paint = Hold up sign (either “Go Red!” or “Go Blue!”)

Hard Hat or Miner’s Hat = Pneumatic drill

Propellor Cap = Fly

Fire Jacket + Fire Helmet = Use a hose

Viking and Roman Outfit

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I came up with some outfits to go with the helmets. You don’t have to wear them, it’s just an idea.


Blue Viking.


Red Viking.


Roman Soldier.

I don’t have a gold viking helmet, sadly!

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