Dance dance dance!

July 12, 2007 at 10:01 am | Posted in Dances, Funny, Secrets | 3 Comments

Crazy Dance


1) Put on dance items, e.g. coffee apron, lei, maracas, hard hat, face paint.

2) Close player card

3) Open your player card up again and take all but one item off (it won’t work if you take everything off)

4) Keep your player card open and dance.

5) You should be doing the crazy dance!

Note: This works with all dance items.

Note: If you close your player card it won’t work.

I Surrender!


This is fairly easy.

1) Open up your player card.

2) Put on either your tour guide hat or face paint.

3) Still keep your player card up and wave.

4) You should be sticking both flippers up in the air.

Note: If you close your player card it won’t work.



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  1. wow cool but where did u get the face paint?

  2. The blue and red face paint was at the 2006 Sports Party. I missed out on it too! 😦 For more information read Aunt Arctic’s column in this week’s newspaper.

  3. i got the face paint its really cool

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