Mining Hats!!!

July 12, 2007 at 12:59 pm | Posted in Secrets | 6 Comments

 I nearly forgot there’s free mining hats in the mine!


Available to non members as well as members! Non member penguins can get a member item! And if you want one, you better get one RIGHT NOW because the Pool and the Mine (including Cart Surfer) will be closed next weekend. They will probably get rid of the hats too. Why? Because next weekend they are repairing the window that the crab broke and is expected to be mended when the Water Party ends. (That is next weekend too.) The Boiler Room will still be open though.

Anyway, now thanks to a crab frightened by the storm, the glass is cracked and the pool is flooded!


 Apparantly the crab was frightened by chunks of ice being blown into the sea by the storm that he cracked the glass to get away. But as you can see, he look like he’s smiling and knocking on the glass. He looks quite surprised to see the glass crack and he scuttled away.


And look at all the damage that crab caused! The Pool and Mine are flooded! Club Penguin says that there will be a lot of hoses and buckets involoved. At the blog site it has a picture of a slide in the Ice Rink and in the paper it says, “Forget Ice Hockey. Trade a puck for a ball and play in the pool.” I think they are filling the Ice Rink with water and doing something like volleyball in the water.



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  1. Quick get your hats before they all get taken!

    What did that silly crab do? Time for a plunge!

    Great site aquaria152!

  2. I answered your question on my blog but if you didn’t get it here it is. I don’t think there is a poll. It would be cool if they had one! 😎

  3. Ok thx puppygal376! 🙂

  4. hey this is a really good site i will go on every day ! lol 😆

  5. :mrgreen:

  6. we’re newbies 2 this site and its hopey the dog’s b’day 2day (thats hopey’s pet)

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