August 24, 2007 at 11:09 am | Posted in Funny, Parties! | 4 Comments

Yay! Today is the Camp Penguin Camping Party! Camp Penguin is so cool! You should see the Pizza Parlour! It’s been turned into a Mess Hall!


Cool huh? I heard that there was a free item that was a marshmellow on a stick but I don’t know where it is! So please tell me if you know anything? I will post it and give you all credit!

Post below if you find it.



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  1. go to cove there is a bag of marshmellows move mouse around on it till mouse changes to pointer then click.

  2. The marshmallow stick is at the cove. nest to the campfire at the tillte tent thingy with three marshmallow sticks sticking out.

  3. I mean little

  4. Thanks, I got the marshmellow on the stick.

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