Secret Prize!

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Hello Penguins! I saw Ratatouille today – it’s the best movie EVA!

If you have noticed a lot of penguins walking around holding lollypops, do not worry. I will help you out.

When you have bought ALL the prizes, click out of the prize tent, then go back in. A rope should fall down after a couple of seconds.  Click on it and a secret compartment should open up and the lollypop will appear.


Aaaaand, here’s some math for you.

The first four prizes added together equals 100 + 400 + 600 + 1200 = 2300.

The next three prizes (including the lollypop) added together equals 700 + 1500 +1000 = 3200.

Added together, they equal 2300 + 3200 = 5500.



New Prizes!

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School’s out! In WA, my school has had it’s last day today. There are now two more prizes out. They are: a paddle bat and a candy necklace.


Also the new pin is out. It’s in the Snow Forts. It looks like a paddle bat (which makes sense because Puffle Paddle is in the same room!)

The new igloo furniture items are: Ferris Wheel Couch, Circus Ball, Balloons in sevaral colours, and Blender.


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Success! My computer is working! I have taken heaps of pics (and one or two funny pics as well) so I better show you them.


The Prizes! It says, More Coming Soon!


The Beacon. Love the colours.

I can’t show you all of them, I’m afraid.You’ll just have to go on the REAL Club Penguin to see them.

Oh, I found all 6 games. Here they are:

Feed A Puffle O – Cove
Memory Game – Beach
Puffle Paddle – Snow Forts
Puffle Shuffle – Forest
Test Your Strength – Dock
Spin The Wheel – Dock

So go have fun!

Fall Fair!

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Yay! The Club Penguin Fall Fair is here! Clapping Hands I was at Pranca’s house last night and we found out the Fall Fair is on! There are heaps of games to play, like Puffle Shuffle and Puffle Paddle and Feed A Puffle O! Sadly my computer is not connecting to the server, so I can’t show any pictures now.  Maybe when it works.

 Oh, when you play the games, you get tickets which you can use to buy items from a stall in the Plaza! There is a crown, a stick of candyfloss, a teddy background and a tent pin. Have fun!

Sneak Peek!

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Club Penguin has shown us a sneak peek of the upcoming Fall Fair! It’s of the beach,which looks really cool. There is sort of a stand thing next to the Lighthouse. Maybe it’s a stall like in the Camping Party which was last month.


See? Totally cool with a capital K!

You will notice that Rockhopper’s boat is not dockedat the usual spot. I wonder why? Will he have left by then?  Thinking 

Rockhopper returns!

September 15, 2007 at 7:34 am | Posted in Pins, Pirates | 1 Comment

Yup, Rockhopper has returned, bringing MORE party supplies for the Club Penguin Fall Fair! This time, he has brought an eyepatch, striped overalls, a mini pirate ship and a Jolly Roger Flag.


Has anybody met Rockhopper before? If so, I’d like to know.

Also the new pin is out. It’s a jellyfish. It’s in the ski lodge.


Have fun! And look out for Rockhopper!

100th Issue!

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Yes penguins, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, DA DA DAAAAA! The 100th issue of the Penguin Times. There are two games you can play inside the paper.


Aaaaaaaaand, the newspaper has chosen a new name for Ballistic Biscuit. It’s Hydrohopper with 49% of the votes.


(I voted for Wake Caper)

No-one entered my competition. @=^(  Oh well. Check out my new competitions page for the next competition!

New Catalog!

September 7, 2007 at 9:42 am | Posted in Catalogs | 1 Comment

The new Club Penguin catalog is out now! There are a heap of cool t-shirts for sale! Check out these!


Cool huh? And (this took me a while) I made a list of all the new things. Here they are!

New items: Astro Barrier T-shirt, Blue Backpack, Running Shoes, Star T-shirt, Red Club Penguin Jacket, Butterfly T-shirt, Pink Backpack, Designer Glasses, Trendy White Sunglasses and Dress Shoes (for girls)

New Backgrounds: Sunset Background, Apple Background (these two are really cool) Dock Jump Background and Wakeboarding Background.

You can get the Viking Helmet by clicking on the Scuba Tank. The other hidden items are the Swim Goggles (click on the Lifesaver Shirt) and the Red Electric Guitar by clicking on the Formal Gown.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go buy them!

(PS At 6:17pm I saw all these penguins saying stuff like, “bebebebebebebe” and “amigo” all the time at the Dock! It was pretty full, so if you have any information as to why they were saying that, please post below.)

Ballistic Biscuit

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I just checked the Club Penguin blog site. And they have decided, now that there are wakeboards for Ballistic Biscuit, that they should change the name of it!


I suggested the name “Wake Up! Wakeboarding” for the new name, but it wasn’t chosen for the competition. The names are: Ballistic Boarder, Board Breaker, Water Yachter, Wake Caper and Hydrohopper. Well, I will hold a competition of my own. Whoever picks the best name will get 5,000 coins, the second prize winner will get 3,000 coins and the third place winner will get 1,000 coins. No hacking is involved, I promise. I will announce the winners the same time Club Penguin does, on the 13th of September. If you win, please e-mail me your name and password to and I will get you your prize. Once again, I swear, no hacking will happen. If you are banned, it will be someone else’s fault, not mine. Someone hacked into my friend Ladylocks’ account and changed her passowrd and banned her. I won’t do that.

Oh, and in the newspaper, it says that two penguin accidently broke Rockhopper’s Mystery Boxes. Apparantly there is going to be a “Fall Fair” of some sort and that Rockhopper is returning in mid-September to deliver more boxes. Hmmm, he won’t be too happy when he finds out that penguins have been messing around with his stuff…

Sport Shop!

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I know that this is a bit late but the Sport Shop has been re-decorated! Instead of a second Gift Shop, they’ve turned it into an actual sport shop! You can buy wakeboards (for Ballistic Biscuit) , surfboards (for Catchin’ Waves) caps, backgrounds and heaps more! I’m saving up for everything I don’t have! It’s awesome. If you go to the “surfboards” page, click on the board the green penguin is holding, then click on the shell and the starfish. You’ll get a silver surfboard! Here’s proof.

september-2007-sport-catalog.jpg (PS I made a funny pic with this!)

It’s funny, because I sent in a suggestion for something like this and it came true! Here it is:

CP is the BEST!!! I would totally DIE
if it weren’t around, I would be SO bored.  A cool idea for the spots shop would be to have a sports catalog with winter equipment and the golf hat. Maybe you could have a golf club too. I should go now because I talk too much and there won’t be any space. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting. In other news: The new pin is in the Boiler Room. I went on a “pin hunt” and didn’t even see it until I bugged someone to tell me. It’s shaped like a baseball. (I should say tee-ball because I’m Australian, but whatever)


Cool huh? And Club Penguin says that in the autumn there will be a new way to decorate your penguin. I wonder if we’ll get to have hair….

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