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September 1, 2007 at 4:17 am | Posted in Catalogs, Pins | 4 Comments

I know that this is a bit late but the Sport Shop has been re-decorated! Instead of a second Gift Shop, they’ve turned it into an actual sport shop! You can buy wakeboards (for Ballistic Biscuit) , surfboards (for Catchin’ Waves) caps, backgrounds and heaps more! I’m saving up for everything I don’t have! It’s awesome. If you go to the “surfboards” page, click on the board the green penguin is holding, then click on the shell and the starfish. You’ll get a silver surfboard! Here’s proof.

september-2007-sport-catalog.jpg (PS I made a funny pic with this!)

It’s funny, because I sent in a suggestion for something like this and it came true! Here it is:

CP is the BEST!!! I would totally DIE
if it weren’t around, I would be SO bored.  A cool idea for the spots shop would be to have a sports catalog with winter equipment and the golf hat. Maybe you could have a golf club too. I should go now because I talk too much and there won’t be any space. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting. In other news: The new pin is in the Boiler Room. I went on a “pin hunt” and didn’t even see it until I bugged someone to tell me. It’s shaped like a baseball. (I should say tee-ball because I’m Australian, but whatever)


Cool huh? And Club Penguin says that in the autumn there will be a new way to decorate your penguin. I wonder if we’ll get to have hair….



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  1. thats EXACTLY what i was thinking! hair! lol thats so weird!

  2. o yea and nice site!

  3. Aquaria152,
    Since you were asking about doing a blog with me, I’m checking out yours! 😉 Just to see how it’s turning out. It might take a while for me to decide but I’ll be on here A LOT! lol!
    SWEETNESS! From,
    P.S. If you decide you don’t want to do it just tell me.

  4. That comment is going to everyone who asked right now.

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