Ballistic Biscuit

September 6, 2007 at 12:39 pm | Posted in Competitions | Leave a comment

I just checked the Club Penguin blog site. And they have decided, now that there are wakeboards for Ballistic Biscuit, that they should change the name of it!


I suggested the name “Wake Up! Wakeboarding” for the new name, but it wasn’t chosen for the competition. The names are: Ballistic Boarder, Board Breaker, Water Yachter, Wake Caper and Hydrohopper. Well, I will hold a competition of my own. Whoever picks the best name will get 5,000 coins, the second prize winner will get 3,000 coins and the third place winner will get 1,000 coins. No hacking is involved, I promise. I will announce the winners the same time Club Penguin does, on the 13th of September. If you win, please e-mail me your name and password to and I will get you your prize. Once again, I swear, no hacking will happen. If you are banned, it will be someone else’s fault, not mine. Someone hacked into my friend Ladylocks’ account and changed her passowrd and banned her. I won’t do that.

Oh, and in the newspaper, it says that two penguin accidently broke Rockhopper’s Mystery Boxes. Apparantly there is going to be a “Fall Fair” of some sort and that Rockhopper is returning in mid-September to deliver more boxes. Hmmm, he won’t be too happy when he finds out that penguins have been messing around with his stuff…


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