October 5, 2007 at 1:49 pm | Posted in Catalogs, Parties! | 3 Comments

Wowee! I just got back from the Perth Royal Show (I went yesterday AND today) and I just thought I’d look on Club Penguin to see if anything had changed…and I saw the new clothes in the Gift Shop! They are off the HOOK!



Some of the costumes from last year are there. That’s good, because I wasn’t a member back then!

If you click on the princess’ sash, you can get the Fairy Wings!


Oh, and in the newspaper, it says that there will be a whole new way to decorate your penguin! (please hair please hair please please PLEASE HAIR!) Also on http://blog.clubpenguin.com/ there is a sneak peek of (the forest?) the Halloween party.


Can’t wait for the party! Ghosts and skeletons and clowns, oh my!



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  1. Aquaria,
    Your header is done! Here’s the link to my header site. Just click the “Aquaria152’s Header” link to see it!



  2. Oh yeah and if it says “Error 404” then just click the “Finished Headers” page!

  3. First, when you look at your header, right-click on it and hit “Save Picture As…” and name it “My Header” or whatever you want. Then, log into your account on WordPress, and hit the “Presentation” tab. Once you’re there, hit the “Custom Image Header” and hit Browse and find your header. Upload it, then you can crop it (you’ll see what I mean!) and then it should appear on your site!

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