Sport Catalog, New Pin and more!

March 1, 2008 at 12:04 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

The new Sport Catalog is out! Yay!

There’s soccer outfits which are so cute and new fishing lures for ice fishing! The game has changed a lot, meaning you get more coins and different fish to catch! Here are some pics!


(this is not what the catalog looks like, I joined two pics together to save space.

The new pin is out also! It’s the Aqua Grabber pin.


Screenhog (the new Club Penguin moderator) has posted some tips for pin hunters. Here they are:

(Did you know that I have 42 pins in my inventory?)

Rule 1: If we’ve hidden a pin in a room, we won’t hide another pin in that room for at least two months. So, for instance, the Anchor is hidden in the Cove, so we won’t hide another pin there until at least May.

Rule 2: We won’t hide a pin in the Town Center. That room is the busiest room in Club Penguin.

Rule 3: We won’t hide a pin in the HQ. Not all penguins are agents, so they wouldn’t get to go there.

Rule 4: A pin won’t be hidden on Rockhopper’s Ship. Rockhopper doesn’t usually stay for two weeks, and we don’t want him to leave with the pin!

Rule 5: We try not to hide a pin in the same place twice. The next time a pin comes to the Cove, we’re not going to hide it on the log by the bonfire.

Rule 6: Pins usually look like something related to a recent update. The Anchor was related to Rockhopper’s ship, and the next pin… hmm, should I give you a hint about what the next pin will be?


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