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Sorry that I missed the party. 😦

Rockhopper has returned! He has now given us access to two new parts of the ship, the Crow’s Nest:

Crow\'s Nest

Aaaaaand, the place we’ve all been dying to see…….THE CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS!!!

First, you need to find the key, which is inside Rockhopper’s journal, in the Book Room. The key can also be used as a pin. Rockhopper has decided to leave his journal in the Book Room and instead leave messages on the new pin up board!

You can also play a treasure hunt game with someone else, where you have to find coins and jewels in a sandpit. Coins take up one space and jewels take up four.

Stay Aqualicious!




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(All new…whatever this is!)

I will have a guide up soon.

Stay Aqualicious!



Broken Clock!

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The Clock is broken!

Ok, however suspicious this looks, I did NOT break it. The clock says all sorts of funny things like “I’m broken!” “Last Year” and my personal favourite “6,500,000 BC”.

Club Penguin has had a makeover! You can watch videos at the homepage.

If I’ve missed any other updates, sorry. (I am such a slacker)

Stay Aqualicious!


New Stuff!!

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Hello Penguins!

Sorry I haven’t posted earlier, I have had a TON of homework this week, but now it’s the holidays! Yay!

The new clothing catalog is out, with lots of cute ties. My favourite is the smiley one! 🙂

The new On the Job is a Ski…thingy?

The Migrator is totally fixed! Yaaaaay!

Aqua Grabber has been updated. Instead of searching for bits of the Migrator, you need to find a treasure chest. There are also lots of animals in the game which you can’t bump into.

The new pin is at the Book Room. It’s a pyramid which goes with the new play! It’s an adventure story of two penguins looking for the Golden Puffle in a pyramid. The Stage looks awesome, and when you walk over a trap, it operates! I have already got run over by a boulder, pelted with snowballs and had the beak of a penguin statue fall on me. There should be a hospital in Club Penguin.

Sorry that there are no pictures in this post, I’m not too sure how to use the new WordPress screen.

Stay Aqualicious!


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