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April 11, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Posted in Catalogs | Leave a comment

Hello Penguins!

Sorry I haven’t posted earlier, I have had a TON of homework this week, but now it’s the holidays! Yay!

The new clothing catalog is out, with lots of cute ties. My favourite is the smiley one! šŸ™‚

The new On the Job is a Ski…thingy?

The Migrator is totally fixed! Yaaaaay!

Aqua Grabber has been updated. Instead of searching for bits of theĀ Migrator, you need to find a treasure chest. There are also lots of animals in the game which you can’t bump into.

The new pin is at the Book Room. It’s a pyramid which goes with the new play! It’s an adventure story of two penguins looking for the Golden Puffle in a pyramid. The Stage looks awesome, and when you walk over a trap, it operates! I have already got run over by a boulder, pelted with snowballs and had the beak of a penguin statue fall on me. There should be a hospital in Club Penguin.

Sorry that there are no pictures in this post, I’m not too sure how to use the new WordPress screen.

Stay Aqualicious!



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