About me

First of all, to clear something up, I am a girl. I do wear boy clothes sometimes, but hey, there are tons of outfits on Club Penguin, and I like to use them. I have had funny incidents before, where I have been mistaken for a boy, much to the embarrasment of the other person online and great amusment for me. (Good thing the other person can’t hear you, because I am laughing my head off on the other end.)

I usually change my outfit every 5 seconds, so I might not always look like this


but I think that is one of my favourite outfits. I am usually on the Australian server Snowy River or Beanie.

Why did you call yourself Aquaria152?

Well, I remember seeing soming on Dr Harry where they named a fairy penguin Aquarius. I tried that, and Aquaria but they were both taken.Then I remembered my name in Neopets which had 152 on the end. So I named my penguin Aquaria152.

How do you say your name?

Ah-quair-ee-a-one-five-two. ( I am so picky)

I know Cookie33221, Martinea, Molly5541 and Pranca in real life.

i now haveseven cute puffles, one in each colour. They are:


Tufty (boy)


Strawberry (boy)


Sugar (girl)


Spice (girl)


Bramble (boy)


Sooty (boy)

I’m a girl, so why do I have so many boy puffles? I think they look like boys.

2nd of December 2007

Yaaaay! Yellow puffles are out!


Sunny (girl)

Sadly, I don’t have Fire, Air and Water anymore. I was going to get a green puffle called Earth, and pink and purple puffles called Flora and Fauna, but I realised it would be too hard to look after them all, and I neglected Fire, Air and Water and they ran away. Sorry puffles. I think I will have to turn myself over to the RSPCP.



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  1. i think pink should be flora and purple should be fauna.

  2. Thank you for your suggestion.

  3. Is this an about me page, or a puffle guide? 😆 LOL

    Aquaria152 – A bit of both, to tell you the truth! lol

  4. I think Flora should be purple and Fauna should be pink.

  5. flora is the pink and fauna purple

  6. Currently, the score is:
    Flora = pink puffle Fauna = purple puffle 2
    Flora = purple puffle Fauna = pink puffle 1
    So, get voting people!

  7. purple puffle Fauna = pink puffle
    Aquaria152 – I don’t really understand.

  8. flora-pink

  9. I don’t like having all my puffles! It’s so many coins and hard to take care of! One ran away a week ago. lol. Not funny for the puffle but I hadn’t done anything for them for a LONG time! lol.

  10. Puppygal376! The RSPCP (Royal Society of Preventon of Cruelty to Puffles) will not be happy once infomed of this!


  12. Sure kaaj! Just name a time, date and place. I will be wearing the new clothes from the current catalog.

  13. Aquaria,you are really nice,i think you should call the pink puffle:Flora,purple puffle:Fauna What do you think? By the way, I WANT TO BE YOUR BUDDY,TOO!!!

  14. Hi,Aquaria,I really want to be your friend!
    please write me back,and lets meet at England, Belly slide,Ice berg.At 3th November,4:00!
    Hope to see you there!!!

  15. Awww, thx tinapinky777! Hopefully I will be there! That day is my real life pet guinea pig’s birthday! LOL! 😆 he’s gonna be 4!

  16. Ok,i definetly going to be there,i m really happy to see you write back,i really want to be your friend,if you can’t come,i don’t mind,we could still be friends at this website!

  17. I think that the pink puffle should be Fauna and the purple puffle should be Flora it’s much nicer then the opposite way around

  18. Currently the score is:
    Pink puffle Flora, purple puffle Fauna=4
    Pink puffle Fauna, purple puffle Flora=2

    In case you don’t know what flora and fauna means, flora means plants and fauna means animals.
    I named the other puffle after the elements in “The Avatar”.

  19. Can You be my friend Aquaria152 please my clubpenguin name is bluebearkid write back

  20. O yeah also I think the pink puffle should be Flora and the purple one fauna

  21. Hello anyone there
    Its me mitmanj my penguin name is bluebearkid im always in amerca in deepsnow enless I wanna go visit aquaria

  22. LOL! I know I’m a bad person! RSPCP, I’m too young to die!!! LOL!

  23. Aqua,
    My Coin Club page is finished (or at least I think). You should go check it out! 😉

  24. I’VE CHANGED MY MIND! 😆 The pink should be Flora and the purple Fauna.

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