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Sorry that I missed the party. 😦

Rockhopper has returned! He has now given us access to two new parts of the ship, the Crow’s Nest:

Crow\'s Nest

Aaaaaand, the place we’ve all been dying to see…….THE CAPTAIN’S QUARTERS!!!

First, you need to find the key, which is inside Rockhopper’s journal, in the Book Room. The key can also be used as a pin. Rockhopper has decided to leave his journal in the Book Room and instead leave messages on the new pin up board!

You can also play a treasure hunt game with someone else, where you have to find coins and jewels in a sandpit. Coins take up one space and jewels take up four.

Stay Aqualicious!



Sub-Marine Party!

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Why, why, why, why, why, why, WHY did I leave it to the last minute to report on the Sub-Marine party?

I hate myself.


The Sub-Marine Party is great! There are tons of great rooms (I don’t have any pics 😥 ) and two free items. The first is in the Forest, and it’s a yellow snorkel.


The second is in the Book Room, and it’s a Seashell belt.


The pin is interesting. It’s at the Cove, and keeps moving around the rockpools each time you go there!



New Pin, New Catalog, and Rockhopper!

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Lots of stuff happening in CP. The first is Rockhopper. He’s left, but look at the Beach!


Here he is, rowing away. 😦 Poor Rockhopper.


(The dark bit is what’s left of the Migrator.)

The new pin is a row boat. It’s in the Lighthouse.


The new clothing catalog is out.



School tomorrow. 😥

Rockhopper, Fiesta Party and MISSION 6!!!

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I am sorry I missed the Fiesta Party. I got a couple of pictures of it, though. Which room was your favourite? I loved the Coffee Shop!


There was free maracas in the Dance Club.


There is a pin in the Forest, it’s a sombrero!!


Rockhopper has arrived in Club Penguin…not in the Migrator, though. I’m glad he’s ok. I WANNA MEET HIM!

No diary or ship hold, but there is a free life jacket! (Good thinking Rockhopper!)


Now, what was the other thing again? Hmmm…let me see….MISSION 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully I will have a guide on it in a day or two, check out my Missions page for help!


It continues the story of Mission 5, we meet up with an old friend, and a new enemy.

Here’s the “fur”, aka Herbert P. Bear Esquire the Polar Bear! He looks scary…


Good luck agents!

Sneak Peeks, and Rockhopper.

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The Club Penguin team have given us a couple of sneak peeks. One is THE NEW MISSION!!!

(Note, you have to complete mission 5 first)


There is also a message in the newspaper which reads:

Attention Agent,

The PSA is almost ready to question the crab.

Further instructions coming soon.

PS This message will self-destruct!

Then it explodes.

Paaaaaaaaaarty sneak peek! Ooh, I loved the Winter Fiesta last year! Get out your maracas and sombreros!


Now, pirate news.

Rockhopper! Noooo! His ship’s crashed!


I’ve never even met him! I hope he’s ok.

Club Penguin says that this has something to do with a surprise next month. Hmmmmmm.


MISSION 5!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG! Mission 5 is out! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! We can find out what the fur is!

Well, I already know, but I’m not going to tell you! You’ll just have to find out yourself (awwwwwwwwwwww…)

Look on my Missions page for help doing it if you’re stuck or confused.

So go get the mean old…funny white-fur-shedding…thingy?

Good Luck!

Aaaaaaaand Rockhopper is here! Look what he brought us! (I especially like the free item!)


Also, the new pin is out. It’s a UFO and is in between the Thin Ice and Astro Barrier arcade games.


Rockhopper returns!

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Yup, Rockhopper has returned, bringing MORE party supplies for the Club Penguin Fall Fair! This time, he has brought an eyepatch, striped overalls, a mini pirate ship and a Jolly Roger Flag.


Has anybody met Rockhopper before? If so, I’d like to know.

Also the new pin is out. It’s a jellyfish. It’s in the ski lodge.


Have fun! And look out for Rockhopper!

Rockhopper again!

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Yay! Rockhopper is here! Woo hoo! He got a lot of cool stuff now. First is his diary.


Hmmmm, I wonder what that is all about? Anyway, he brought some cool stuff too, like a stuffed parrot (LOL), an ancient penguin monument, a wall treasure map and a feathered hat.


The new pin is at the Mine Shack. It’s shaped like a tent.


While I was on my little pin hunt, I came across this in the Lighthouse.


There is a new igloo too. It is a green tent. The new furniture items are: Camping Chair, Picnic Table, Lanterns, Stump Chair and Fire Pit. Have fun!


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Rockhopper is here! Woo hoo! Oh yeah! Alright! Booyah! He brought the BEST stuff ever! The free item is a fishing pole, and the other items are: a treasure chest for your igloo, a treasure map background, and…wait for it…A PINK VIKING HELMET!!!!!!!!!


And on Tuesday, Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek of the new misson! Go to to see it. If you are an agent, go to the HQ and you will see a message on the board that says “Avalanche Alert”

Well, thats all for now I think.

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