Sorry guys

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As you’ve noticed, I haven’t posted in two years. Club Penguin is not that interesting for me anymore. Sorry to disappoint you.

Everyone grows up eventually. And sometimes we have to let some things go.

I will be deleting this blog.

I will start a new blog. My new username will be TimeLordAimi. (I am now a Doctor Who nerd).

For the final time, stay aqualiscious.



Broken Clock!

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The Clock is broken!

Ok, however suspicious this looks, I did NOT break it. The clock says all sorts of funny things like “I’m broken!” “Last Year” and my personal favourite “6,500,000 BC”.

Club Penguin has had a makeover! You can watch videos at the homepage.

If I’ve missed any other updates, sorry. (I am such a slacker)

Stay Aqualicious!


Egg Hunt!

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The Easter Egg Hunt is on! There are 8 eggs to find. I’ll show you a picture of them:


The one in the Dojo (the last one) is really hard to find as it keeps disappearing.

The prize you get for finding them all is a pair of green bunny ears!

Sport Catalog, New Pin and more!

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The new Sport Catalog is out! Yay!

There’s soccer outfits which are so cute and new fishing lures for ice fishing! The game has changed a lot, meaning you get more coins and different fish to catch! Here are some pics!


(this is not what the catalog looks like, I joined two pics together to save space.

The new pin is out also! It’s the Aqua Grabber pin.


Screenhog (the new Club Penguin moderator) has posted some tips for pin hunters. Here they are:

(Did you know that I have 42 pins in my inventory?)

Rule 1: If we’ve hidden a pin in a room, we won’t hide another pin in that room for at least two months. So, for instance, the Anchor is hidden in the Cove, so we won’t hide another pin there until at least May.

Rule 2: We won’t hide a pin in the Town Center. That room is the busiest room in Club Penguin.

Rule 3: We won’t hide a pin in the HQ. Not all penguins are agents, so they wouldn’t get to go there.

Rule 4: A pin won’t be hidden on Rockhopper’s Ship. Rockhopper doesn’t usually stay for two weeks, and we don’t want him to leave with the pin!

Rule 5: We try not to hide a pin in the same place twice. The next time a pin comes to the Cove, we’re not going to hide it on the log by the bonfire.

Rule 6: Pins usually look like something related to a recent update. The Anchor was related to Rockhopper’s ship, and the next pin… hmm, should I give you a hint about what the next pin will be?

Back to school! :(

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Don’t we all love the holidays and hate it when it’s over? Well, I’m going back to school on Monday, so I might not be updating my blog as much because I’ll have to adjust to going back to school again! In fact, I’m going to high school!


(this isn’t what the uniforn looks like, BTW)

So, I apologise ahead for missing out on any important info because I’m busy with school.

New Play!!!

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Yaaaaaaaaay! The new play is out!

It IS a superhero play, as many of us have guessed. Here’s a pic and the script.


Reporter: Action news live! Tell us what’s happening!
Witness: I saw a monster eat the pet shop!
Squidzoid: GRAWL! I HUNGRY!
Witness: Who can save us now?
Shadow Guy: The city needs our help!
Gamma Gal: Super costume mega transform!
(Heroes change into super suits)
Witness: Look! The heroes have arrived!
Reporter: Here they come to save the day!
Shadow Guy: Freeze, Squidzoid! Drop that shop!
Gamma Gal: I think you’ve had enough to eat!
Gamma Gal: Oh yeah? Take this! PLASMA GLOW WAVE!
Reporter: The superheroes are using their powers!
WitnessL Hurray heroes! Nice going!
Shadow Guy: Then try this on for size! SHADOW WAVE!
Reporter: This just in! Squidzoid is trying to escape!
Witness: After it! Don’t let it get away!
Gamma Gal: Quick! With our powers combined!
Shadow Guy: For great justice!
Witness: It’s turing into a penguin!
(Squidzoid turns into penguin)
Squidzoid: Hey, I’m a penguin again. What happened?
Reporter: You tured into Squidzoid!
Witness: And started eating the city!
Squidzoid: Oh! I had a monster appetite!
Shadow Guy: With great power comes great hunger.
Gamma Gal: Looks like our work here is done!
Squidzoid: Let’s go get a fish pizza!
Reporter: The city is saved! This reporter is signing off.

There is a Switchbox 3000 which does many things. It has fireworks, changes the background from day to night AND…



That’s why there are X’s to stand on!

The Costume Catalog:



Wow! When you wave with the superhero costumes on, you get this light glow thingy on top of your head! When you wave with the camera on, you take a picture!



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WoOoOoOo HoOoOoOo!!!!!! The Yellow Puffles are up for adoption!!!!!


(Sadly they are only for members)

As soon as I was on, I bought one of my very own and called it Sunny!


(yes I know all puffles look alike, but…here she is!)

Look out for her on my “About Me” page.

I saw one in Puffle Roundup! Here’s a picture!


So, puffle lovers, get out and buy your own yellow puffle!

My Igloo!

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Yay! After years (ok, days) of saving, I finally said goodbye to my fishbowl…


…and bought back my old, faithful Candy Spilt Level Igloo today! Hooray! When you’re broke, it’s hard to raise the sum of 4600 coins! But I did it! (mostly using Catchin’ Waves and Pizzatron 3000. I’m a pro surfer and a cook! But not in real life)

Anyway, here is my new/old igloo!


So, which igloo do you prefer?

Viking and Roman Outfit

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I came up with some outfits to go with the helmets. You don’t have to wear them, it’s just an idea.


Blue Viking.


Red Viking.


Roman Soldier.

I don’t have a gold viking helmet, sadly!

Stating the Obvious

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If you don’t know what Club Penguin is, it’s a place where you choose a penguin, cute-penguin.jpg name it, buy igloos, furniture, clothes and pets, play games, make friends, visit rooms, talk to people and stacks more.

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