Funny Pictures


 1) This is me doing the crazy dance! (secret explained)


2) Rockhopper isn’t the only one who has a boat at the Beach!


 3) I’m falling – and I don’t have a JetPack!


4) Me being threatened by my puffle Sooty (secret explained)


5)  Spring Cleaning Time? It’s the middle of winter!


 6) Poor puffle, he misses his friend!


 7) Pictures get taken at the WORST of times!


8) Hey look, a rock star! Let’s get their autograph!


9) Eeep! A ghost puffle! But why is it smiling?


10) Take that, ye lily-livered sea scoundrels! Arrrr! I be a fearsome pirate!


 11) Arrr, they be fightin’ back! The steering be out of whack! I be a sunken pirate now!


12) Tufty did not expect to be run over by a train today!


13) It’s the Fantastic Four and The Rise of The Silver Surfer!


14) Out now – it’s the new Aquaria152 water ring! Buy them while you can – they’re selling fast!


15) Well, somebody had to pose for the end of Pizzatron3000 shot! It’s just that…all the camera crew were having a coffee break at the time.


16) Spice was getting fat, so I got her on to the ActivePuffles Workout plan! She didn’t seem too happy about it though… (I know that this is a bit lame)


17) When this puffle signed up for a carnival job, he definitely didn’t expect this!


18) Aaaaaah! It’s an evil box! Run! (actually it was just me. I edited it 🙂 )


19) Looks like the Club Penguin Band got a new member! She can’t sing very well though.


20) Awwwww, poor baby penguin, she dropped her lollypop!


21) Oh my goodnes IT’S A SPOTTED PUFFLE!


22) I meant to add this ages ago. Hmmmmm, what would you do? (I got the inspiration from Puppygal376’s blog-sorry Pups!)


23) This puffle REALLY needed some excersise!


24) I’m not really into fashion, but I just HAD to let the green puffle know this!


25) Oh dear, I think someone overdid it on the candy canes!


26) Look! It’s Santa!


27) Santa overworking his reindeer! (really bad edit!)


28) Nobody told me that Romeo and Juliet was on in the Stage! (another bad edit!)


29) Pictures say a thousand words, so they say and…uh oh. Um, I can explain!


30) This is where you’ll go if your bad..the Club Penguin jail! Hey, wait…is that me in there?!


31) Look! Triplets! (me and my other accs if you didn’t guess!)


32) Boy Scouts are currently learning how to trap puffles. I think I’d better alert the RSPCP!



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  1. wow i can be the first comment I like u website thing its really kool..

  2. thanks pranca

  3. Wow aquaria152 you are a wizz, I’ve never catch up to you, your brill!!

  4. Why thank you!

  5. Hey I’m having an igloo contest so everyone can you please come to it? It’s at!

  6. ha ha funny

  7. awesome!

  8. i kno the first cheat

  9. Hey pranca, I made another pic! What do you think?

  10. cool pictures

  11. Hi i really like how u got the pictures and how do u get the pictures of a website or game.

  12. Funny… lol!!… cya

  13. Thanks Aimee C! To make pictures you don’t even need a webcam! Scroll down to the part you want, then press the “prt sc” (print screen) button or the “fn” button at the same time as “insert” if you don’t have a prt sc button. Then open up a power point presentation and paste in the photo. Crop it the way you want, re-size it, save it as something and you’re good to go! When you’re doing a post, press “Upload” to choose your picture. Have fun!

  14. lol! Cool pics!

  15. sup aquaria this is my first time at this site and wanna meet at server mammoth on saturday september 15th at the town?

  16. o ps at 5 penguin standard time

  17. cool! i will be there. but do u mean am or pm? and if im not there i will be here.

  18. Tizzlo, I am so sorry, I just forgot. Please forgive me. 😦

  19. Please?

  20. Lol! Cool pics Aquaria!

  21. Wow,that is so cool,i love all the pictures!It is really funny and cool! you are such a genius,Aquaria!

  22. LOL! I love all your new ones!!! 😆

  23. thx guys!

  24. Wow aquaria152 you are a wizz,your amazing

  25. LOL!!!!! I luv 13 The rise of the silver surfer one!!!!!! Did u like the movie? I liked it the 1st one might be better IDK what do u think? And I love 14 15 18 and 20(It reminds me of a Cheetah and I love Cheetahs(Cats n’ Big Cats!)lol!!!!!!!!!!

  26. awsome site

  27. LOL! I like no. 16! It’s funny! 😆

  28. everyone is so nice to me!

  29. It’s fine about the pic! As long as you say that it was an idea from Pups (which you did)! 😉

  30. this site is wicked

  31. Wow!!! your good at that!

  32. i like the one when youre penguin was vomiting!!

    my blog is called jessica44


  34. awesome site!
    i ROTFL At the pic

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