WELCOME TO MY MISSIONS PAGE! I did this page by myself, not copying someone else’s (if you think I am copying someone else’s it’s either a coincidence or THEY copied off ME!) Remember, I did all these missions, by myself WITHOUT HELP! I got stuck on Mission 3 but that’s all. Have fun!

Mission 1: The Case of the Missing Puffles

Aunt Arctic…famous reporter for the Penguin Times…has lost two of her pet puffles. It is your duty to find and rescue them.

1) Talk to Aunt Arctic.

2) Go to the ice rink and pick up the pictures.

3) Give them to Aunt Arctic if you want the surprise at the end.

4) Go to the pet shop and decode the note. It says “G has ____ pairs of socks”

5) Go to the sport shop, talk to G (Gary the Gadget Guy) and answer the riddle. Take the Life Preserver Shooter.

6) Go to the mountain and talk to the brown penguin.

7) Go to the iceberg and save the penguins using the Life Preserver Shooter.

8) Go to the mountain and click on the brown penguin twice.

9) Fix the telescope using the spanner from your spy phone. Look through the telescope.

10) Go to the sport shop and get the grappling hook. Go to the tallest mountain.

11) Climb up the mountain and talk to the puffles.

12) Collect the medal and the letter.

Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission.

Secret Agent G has your mission in the sport shop. You will be asked to prove you are an agent before he assigns you the mission.

1) Talk to G. Go to the mountain.

2) The word is “mogul”. Check for yourself. It’s on the sign with the green dot. The Bunnyhill sign has a green dot too.

3) Talk to G. Take the sled.

4) Go to the mountain. Put the sled on “Test Run”.

5) Crash the sled. It’s easier.

6) Pick up the Survival Guide, the rope and the unbroken ski. The ski is on the far right. Read the Survival Guide.

7) Find the O berry bush. Pick three and put one on the fishing rod. Shake the tree and pick up the pot.

8) Go to the tree stump. Feed the black puffle an O berry.

9) Go to the cave. Make a fire pit.

10) Go to the river. Get the wood, water and fish.

11) Start a fire using the wood, Survival Guide and puffle eating an O berry.

12) Cook the fish and boil the water.

13) Go outside. Talk to the agent.

14) Collect your medal and letter.

Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins

The coins have gone missing from the vault in the Gift Shop. Report to the Gift Shop to investigate. Another agent will meet you there.

1) Talk to the green penguin. Make sure he closes the vault.

2) Go to the manager’s office. Look under the couch for the boot disk and the paper clip. The paper clip is important.

3) Turn on the computer and insert the boot disk. Look in “My Files” for the combination.

4) Go downstairs and open the vault. Look inside.

5) Go talk to G. Look at the video of the Gift Shop.

6) Grab the key. It’s the brown one in the top right. Decode the messages if you wish. None of the other keys work for anything.

7) Go right, On the table near the weather chart, you’ll see a black-purple thing with a light bulb. You will need it if you do not have the Night Vision Goggles. But pick it up anyway.

8) Unlock the door to the roof. Examine the “Powa Box”.

9) Unscrew the bolts with your spanner. Look inside. Use the paperclip to deactivate the magnet.

10) Pick up the white fibers in the gutter. It is not the last time you will see these fibers.

11) Go downstairs. Talk to the green penguin.

12) Go to the HQ. Talk to G. Give him the white fibers. And put the key back, you don’t need it.

13) Go to the Town and talk to the brown penguin (be nice to him). Go in the Night Club and use either your Night Vision Goggles or your Flash Light.

14) Go into the Boiler Room. Click on the Fuse Box and look at the instructions. Fiddle around with the Fuse Box until the power is on. (That was the part I got stuck on)

15) Go into the Night Club and talk to the brown penguin. He’s so cute!

16) Go to the HQ and talk to G. Collect your medal and Thank-you card.

Mission 4: Avalanche Alert

There has been an avalanche at the Mountain, and your help is needed. Report to the HQ and G will give you further details.

1) Talk to G. (Click if you want him to stop talking) Get him to let you into the Gadget Room.

2) Grab the life preserver shooter. Look around if you want, but it’s not necessary.

3) Go to the Ski Lodge. Grab the fishing pole and put it on the preserver shooter.

4) Go into the Sport Shop. You will see a green penguin wearing jeans. Take his belt. (You’ll need it)

5) Go to the Ski Village. Talk to the brown penguin and pick up the white fur.

6) Examine the Chairlift. Use the belt on it.

7) Go to the lighthouse. Take the rope in the boat and connect it to the life shooter.

8) Go to the Mountain. Take the rescue device and go down the Mountain.

9) It will take some time, but eventually you will get to the end.

10) Break the branches on the far right. Pick up the first two penguins.

11) Put one back on the branch and manover the rescue device so you can pick up the third penguin.

12) Put all 3 penguins on the ledge with the boulder.

13) Pick up all penguins and get the last one.

14) Give G the white fur. Talk to him.

15) Collect your medal, award, and read the letter (It will explode)

Mission 5: Secret of the Fur

Help solve the mystery of the fur found in previous missions. Meet G in the Gadget Room to get started.

1) Talk to G. Take a look at the Furensic Analyer. (The Thingamajig 3001 makes toast now! Or should I say BURNT TOAST!)

2) Use the comb in your spy phone (yes, it IS good for something!) to smooth out the fur (it belongs to a pink puffle)

3) Talk to G again. Put the white fur in the Furensic Analyer. Take the AC 3000.

4) Go to the Pizza Parlour. Talk to the green penguin and take one of each of the bottles on the ground. Also ask him if there’s anything you can help him with. Deliever the pizza to the penguin fishing.

5) Go to the Coffee Shop. Talk to the brown penguin and look at the hot chocolate machine. Use your spanner on the milk tube. Add chocolate sauce.

6) Go to the Beach. Take a net and go inside. Take the rope in the boat. Talk with the red and yellow penguins and go upstairs.

7) Use the Ac 3000 on the JetPack fuel. Use your scissors (yes, they are useful TOO!) on the JetPack fuel to cut it down.

8) Go to the Gadget Room and put the Hot Sauce, Hot Chocolate and JetPack fuel in the macine and take the goggles. When you wear them, you will be able to see footprints in certain places.

9) Go to the Ski Lodge. Talk to the blue penguin underneath the couch. Go outside through the fishing door.

10) You will hear a voice that says, “ACHOO! Brrr! Everything here is cold — I’m cold, now I’ve got a cold and my food is cold! Is there no heat around here? GRRRRR…a candle — that’s what I need.” Use the trap on the tree branch.

11) Go back inside. Take the candle and go out again.

12) Use the candle on the trap. A crab will come out and it will be trapped. the creature will say, “Grrrrr! A trap! So they think they can catch me…Not this time!”

13) Pick up the fur and the crab. Go to the Gadget Room. Give the crab to G and put the fur in the Furensic Analyer.

14) The machine will tell you what the fur is. It’s a (edited for secrecy)! Wow! Talk to G again.

15) Collect your medal and gift.

Mission 6: Questions for a crab.

Your efforts in discovering the secret of the fur have not gone unnoticed. The PSA is looking for more answers and G needs your help! He’s ready to question the crab. Meet him in the Gadget Room to get started.

1) Talk to G.
2) Follow the crab until you get to the Mountain. Jump over the cliff after it.
3) Hmmm, this looks familiar…just like Mission 2! Go to where you found the skis and use the scissors on the bag of O berries.
4) Go to where you found the puffles. The black one is there, and he’s hungry! Give him an O berry.
5) Go to the cave you found before. There’s now a door, and a pet flap, which the crab goes through. Put an O berry through the door and the black puffle will open the door for you.
6) Go through the door.
7) Oh no, you’re in a cage! The bear comes over and talks to you. It turns out he’s called Herbert P. Bear Esq., he floated here on an iceberg and “Klutzy” the crab saved him!
8) Move to the right where the cage lever is.
9) Put an O berry on the red lever, then put an O berry on the metal plank where the water is flowing, then put one on the board hanging by rope! You’re free! Thanks puffle!
10) Grab the Hot Sauce, the anchor, the blueprint plans on the wall and the rope hanging on the board near the anchor.
11) Use the anchor and rope to make a grappling hook.
12) Open the door.
13) Use the Hot Sauce on an O berry and give it to the puffle. Stand back!
14) Now get outta there!
15) Go back to where the sled crashed in Mission 2, click on the cliff and use your grappling hook on it.
16) Go to the Ski Lodge, to the place where you trapped Klutzy. Herbert says “All these frozen berries and snow cones have given me a brain freeze! I need a hot and spicy seaweed pizza. Curse this cold!”
17) Go to the Pizza Parlour. You’ll have to walk there as you lost your map and Herbert took your spy phone! Order a seaweed pizza. Take it from the green penguin.
18) Take it to Herbert. Put the Woodchopper on “reverse” while he’s eating.
19) Haha! They fall into the ice! Talk to G.
20) Tell G everything that happened. Also give him back his blueprints.
21) Collect your medal and gift.

Clockwork Repairs
The clock has broken downand is causing problems all over the island. G has requested your help in fixing the clock.
1) Talk to G.
2) Examine the lock on the cage belonging to the magnet. Talk to G again.
3) The code is, of course, key! Enter the code and take the magnet.
4) Go into the Gadget room and take the life ring.
5) Go to the Dock and talk to the two penguins.
6) Hit the target three times. Take the target and give them the life ring.
7) Go to the iceberg and use the magnet on the spring
8) Now go to the Pizza Parlour and take the sheet music.
9) Go to the Stage. You will see a piano. Click on it and use the sheet music on it. Play the music.
10) Get a poster of the missing wheel from the Rookie who is at the Town.
11) Grab the bucket from the Beach and use it on the ground at the Snow Forts.
12) Go back to the Stage and use the poster, then the snow on the yellow puffle.
13) Go to the Gadget room. Use the spring on the test chamber first, and set it onto “fire”
14) Use the snow wheel thingy on the test chamber, and set it to “snow”
15) Go to the snow forts, use all three parts on the clock.
16) Answer your spy phone! It’s that polar bear again!
17) Talk to G.
18) Collect your medal and gift.



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