Hello Penguins!

Hopefully I will have a new quiz each month.

January 2008 Quiz: Which Aquaria152 are you?

(Yes, I know this is a bad quiz idea.)

#1 What is your favourite pastime?

a) Computer games – DUH!

b) Reading.

c) Doing nothing.

#2 When you wake up…

a) I stay in bed thinking about what I’m going to do.

b) Read until someone kicks you out of bed.

c) Pretend to be asleep.

#3 Your favourite toy is:

a) A virtual pet toy like Tamagotchi’s

b) Soft toys – I have about 50!

c) Anything non-athletic.

#4 If I was an animal, I would be a…

a) A penguin!

b) A kitten or a puppy.

c) Sloth. Oh, yeah, definitely a sloth.

 If you answered

Mostly As…You are computer-crazy Aquaria (aka normal me)! You would probably go mad if the internet failed. Try to do something else for a change (but don’t expect me to!)

Mostly Bs…You are bookoholic Aquaria and a real softie (“Awwww Mum, look at the cute little bunny! Can I keep it?”) LOL. Avoid bringing books everywhere as it’s wouldn’t be very nice to see your friend reading in front of you.

Mostly Cs…You are lazy Aquaria! You’re ESPECIALLY not good in the morning and can’t really be bothered to do much during the holidays. Get up and do something…like starting your own blog!

Febuary 2008 Quiz: How addicted are you?

#1 I go on CP…

a) Every day!

b) Most days, to see what’s happening.

c) Not very often, only when there’s a party or special event.

#2 How long do you play CP?

a) Seven or more hours! :mrgreen:

b) Three to five hours.

c) Two hours or less.

#3 How many penguins do you have?

a) 5 to 7.

b) 2 to 4.

c) One. 🙄

#4 If you couldn’t play CP…

a) Cry for days on end! 😥

b) Feel sad, and wait until you can play it again. 😦

c) Not really be bothered about it.

If you answered

Mostly As

You are seriously addicted! You won’t die if you take a break from CP every now and then. You don’t want to get glasses like me!

Mostly Bs

You have the balance just about right. You aren’t totally crazy about CP, but you do play it from time to time. Good work!

Mostly Cs

You can’t really be bothered. CP is a great game, but you don’t have time or don’t feel like playing it too often. Log back on, I’m sure your buddies miss you!

March 2008 Quiz: Which colour suits you best?

#1 Your mood most of the time is:

a) Excitable!

b) Cheerful 🙂

c) Mysterious.

#2 What’s your catchphrase?


b) Don’t worry, be happy!

c) Guess.

#3 Music for you is:

a) Singing!

b) Whistling.

c) MP3 or iPod so only I can hear.

#4 You have just met Rockhopper. What do you say?

a) EEEEEEEEEEEEEE I MET ROCKHOPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

b) Wow, that was awesome!!

c) You’ll just have to meet him yourself…

If you answered

Mostly As: Pink suits you best. You are a lit-tle bit too hyper at times, but very excitable.

Mostly Bs: You’re a happy-go-lucky sort of person, yellow is the colour for you.

Mostly Cs: Let me guess…your dream job is to be a secret agent! You’re mysterious, so black suits you best.

April 2008 Quiz: Red, blue or neutral?

#1 When you’re in a crowd watching a game, you:

a) Go beserk whenever a team scores!!!

b) I don’t watch games.

c) Cheer when your team scores.

#2 Your personality is:

a) Adventurous!

b) So-so.

c) Cheerful

#3 What catalogs do you look out for?

a) Sport catalogs.

b) Any, really.

c) Puffle catalogs.

#4 When you’re in a team you are the person who:

a) Gets stuck into things straight away! (sometimes literally)

b) Goes by other people’s instructions.

c) Works out the plan.

If you answered

Mostly As – You are a red person! You are adventurous and enthusiastic (sp?) and a bit hyper at times!

Mostly Bs – You are neutral. You’re not really “into” competitive sports or games.

Mostly Cs – You are blue. You are calm, quiet and a real thinker.



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  1. lol! I got mostly As! I do have a computer craze too… 😀

  2. New quiz! Man, I’m bad at thinking of quiz ideas.

  3. Hey I have glasses! 🙄 😆 Yeah I’m addicted to Club Penguin!

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